Software Solution Services

Software solution by BitString will help the organization not just to increase in efficiency but also in transparency in processes.

Our services broadly involve:

Building Micro Services

BitString specialized in all three types of microservices stateless, data centric and aggregator. We understand your requirement and employ the patterns accordingly to ensure stability and resilience also when to apply each type to solve the problems.

Web Application

We at BitString provides professionally designed, lead magnet, sales booster, brand-differentiating website. Our skilled team understand your requirement as well as business and provides website layout in such a way that it will give your brand a credibility. We make sure that your business will be easily accessible from various Search Engines so that you can strategically target your customers through a website.

Custom Programming

We believe that each client is unique, and that each client’s conception of value will change over time. New conditions will prevail, new priorities will emerge and new technologies will become affordable. Sustaining value, once it is created, is key, to do that, BitString delivers the best total solution, a custom approach specifically designed with your business in mind.

Automation and optimization (DevOps)

It is now a days imperative to automate business processes in order to cut the cost and increase productivity. We at BitString follow methodology of USA i.e. Understand, Simplify and Automate. For many small and midmarket businesses, uniting disconnected systems that run independently within lines of business and departments is a time-consuming, expensive challenge. That is where BitString steps in to complete creative business process optimization that benefits both end-users and customers by streamlining internal and external processes.

Performance Testing

Whether it is product or service it is important to carry out Performance Testing that tests the application/product for its speed, response time, stability, reliability, scalability and resource usage under particular workload. Our team at BitString will conduct relevant types of performance testing to make sure your software is stable, swift, and scalable that includes Load Testing, Stress Testing, Scalability Testing and Stability Testing.

Mobile Application

BitString provides the best-in-class Mobile Application Development services using the latest tools, frameworks and pre-defined methodology. From institutional and recreational applications to complex business and commercial applications, BitString offer end-to-end android/iOS app development services spanning the entire life cycle from ideation, to design, development and maintenance.

Management Services

BitString provides consulting services to enable organization to create, manage and optimize various areas.

Business Analysis and Consulting

BitString helps its clients to find the business needs and identify solutions to business problems. These solutions may include the development of a software or system component, improvements in process, organizational changes or strategic planning and policy development. The purpose of business analysis is to identify solutions that meet the need for improvement.

Solution Architecture

BitString provide software architecture consulting to eliminate bottlenecks and enable system scalability. We choose tools and platforms that are the most suitable for your purposes. We are involved in designing, describing, and managing the solution engineering in relation to specific business problems.

ITSM infrastructure

BitString adopts strategic approach to design, deliver, manage and improve the way businesses use information technology (IT).

IT services include the deployment and support of enterprise applications, architecting and optimizing IT infrastructure such as storage, networking and cloud resources; creation and management of processes.


We at BitString are determined to provide quality learning with impactful and effective blended learning techniques.

Our training and development services are customized to reflect the individual and unique needs of each client. Backed by extensive multi-industry experienced trainers, coaches and consultants Challenging Horizon training solutions are tailor made to ensure that you see high recall post program, practical Implementation and trackable ROI.

IT Resource Planning

Efficient manpower is one of the important ingredients for the success of any project. BitString is a very reputed and reliable organization that offers wide variety of talent for your project.
We identify, testify and then match human resourcing capabilities to strategic and operational needs of the organization.

Cyber Security Services

In the current digital arena, where desired information is available at one’s fingertips and accessible from anywhere at any time, data privacy and protection stand at great risk. It is important to protect confidential and sensitive data. BitString provides comprehensive solution that pertains to protect sensitive data, personal information, intellectual property etc.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is must for an organization to adhere to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business processes. Every organization needs to have proper compliance management system in place to make sure that it complies with emerging new laws.

If organisation fail to comply with the rules and regulations prescribed by the regulatory authorities, it has to face heavy monetary fines. Moreover, regulators can take legal action against the organization which might lead to even its closure either temporarily or permanently.

BitString is committed to support organization in creating safe practices and have the knowledge and skills to determine the level of compliance of your existing practices and procedures with respect to relevant process safety requirements and standards. Our expertise includes

  • Central Bank Cyber Security Compliance Assessment (RBI, MAS, HKMA etc)
  • SWIFT System Assessment
  • Data Localization
  • General Data Protection and Data Privacy (GDPR)

Application Security

Application security services are designed to protect critical business software from undesired access and mishandling, as well as viruses or other cyber attacks. BitString will assists you with application security through steps like application design review, application code review, and secure application development. If security flaws are discovered during review, we will recommend you fixes and work with developers to bolster protection across each platform.

  • Secure SDLC
  • DevSecOps
  • SAST (Static Application Security Testing)
  • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
  • Threat Modelling
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Security

Organizations with information assets are vulnerable to multiple forms of cyber threats.It is atmost important aspect for organization to build advanced security platforms and cyber-attack detection techniques to protect infrastructure from any attack. We help our clients enhance their cyber defence by bringing cybersecurity skills-at-scale and deploying best in class protection controls and operational capabilities. We offer below services

  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security (Firewalls, IPS/IDS, Wireless)
  • Endpoint Security (Malware, patch management, servers
  • Email Security
  • Big Data Security

Data Protection

In today’s era, data plays a very important part. Every organization collects and stores the data be that be of their customers, employees, transactions etc. There is always a possibility of data from being misused by third parties for fraud, such as phishing scams and identity theft. It is extremely important for organizations to safeguard the identity of their customers by applying data protection technique. We at BitString provides solutions for data protection that ensures the security of individuals’ personal data and regulate the collection, usage, transfer, and disclosure of the said data by means of

  • Cryptography
  • Data Classification
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
  • Organization Cyber Security Maturity Assessment
  • Mergers & Security Assessment
  • Identity & Access Management

Security Operations

Cyber security threats are prevalent and it is necessary for the organizations to monitor and analyse security posture on an ongoing basis. BitString offers solution that to prevent, detect, assess, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity threats and incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes. Some of these are

  • SOC (Security Operations Centre) Framework & Operating Model
  • Threat Intelligence
  • SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management)
  • Vulnerability Management

Sharepoint Services

BitString provides full range of SharePoint services focused customer’s unique business needs. This will help you to maximize ROI.

Our expertise are


We can assist in SharePoint solution’s planning, implementation or tuning to make it effective.


BitString can help you to develop a SharePoint solution from scratch, modifying it according to new business needs or optimizing its current features.


BitString expertise will conduct a smooth change of SharePoint’s versions or deployment models to help companies benefit from the latest SharePoint functions, optimize their infrastructure and provide users with modern, convenient and powerful solutions.


BitString will design policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes suitable to your organization so that business divisions and IT teams work together effectively to achieve its goals.

Support and Maintenance

Services provided by BitString will help to ensure the sound performance of SharePoint solutions and empower users to perform their business tasks successfully.

Our SharePoint services go beyond delivering a technically attractive solution or solving a functional issue. We always prioritize your organizational specifics and align our actions with your business strategy.


ServiceNow is one of the top 5 IT Service Management software vendors in the globe. BitString is assisting its partners on Servicenow Development, Configurations and Training services.

  • Development/Configuration & Implementation Expertise in ServiceNow
  • Proficiency in ITSM suite (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management)
  • Building Integratons with REST
  • Troubleshooting Issues and Identifying Solutions
  • Proficiency in other modules like Service Portal, Virtual Agents, Service Catalogue